Juicy Couture Clothes

Juicy Couture is a line of upscale clothing that is considered to be both dressy and casual. This fantastic line of clothing is geared towards young girls and women, ranging from 14 years to 26 years of age. JC clothes are considered high-end apparel, yet extremely affordable. 1994 brought about the beginning of this clothing line in California, which has since spread all across the United States. They offer attire for attending yoga class in comfort or getting dressed up for a night on the town with the girls.

Form fitting hooded sweaters add just the right amount of warmth needed on a chilly evening, whether it’s worn over a sleek black skirt and spaghetti strap top or a thin t-shirt and slimming slacks. Dresses have never been more alluring than the collection offered by JC. The sexy little number with black sequined panels over chiffon is amazing with that new pair of 3″ heels. Even the thigh-length red sweater dress with hearts covering it is a head-turner, plus the comfort is beyond compare.

If the sweater dress feels incomplete on its own, the perfect piece to compliment the outfit would be a pair of black leggings with a shimmery Juicy Couture logo placed on the left hip. A pair of relaxed-fit twill pants are not only stylish, but fabulously comfortable. These are great to wear with a shape-hugging button up shirt or a simple t-shirt. Sateen miniskirts and wool blend pencil skirts are great for a dressy look. For yoga class or at home, JC leggings, capris, and tanks won’t limit movement.

At the end of the day, who wouldn’t look forward to a pair of full length pajamas in soft cotton, a spaghetti strapped nighty, or a cotton/cashmere robe to wrap up in. As if the magnificent assortment of clothing for day and evening isn’t enough, there are also coats to complete the entire package. From an A-line wool coat to the super plush convertible puffer jacket, warmth doesn’t have to be given up for fashion since these are all super trendy and stylish.

Velour hoodies and matching pants to go with them are the items that got Juicy Couture noticed in the beginning, but clothing isn’t the only aspect of fashion that JC covers. They also take care of all the accessories needed; hats, wallets, scarves. jewelry, and bags. There are styles to complete any outfit imaginable and to appease all tastes in fashion. Finding a store that sells this line of apparel should be easy to do, especially if there is a computer accessible.

The magical world of internet shopping allows anyone to purchase JC clothing and accessories with ease, they can even be delivered directly to a post office box or house address. Not only are retail stores accessible online, but there are also a number of outlet stores that drastically discount name brand clothing. The quality of the items doesn’t go down, just the price, so the same merchandise that is offered in high-priced stores is made much more affordable.

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